Early Engineering

Delve into the history of Ancient Greek & Roman times as students learn about their architecture, aqueducts, and early engineering’s as it relates to engineering today. Students will take the knowledge they are presented with to create their own replicas of the Roman Coliseum and Greek Parthenon using a variety of materials. Learn about the development and role of Mosaics in the architecture of homes and public buildings; and create their own. Students will be transformed into Gladiators as they participate in a chariot engineering challenge!

Medieval Madness

Travel back in time to learn how folklore began along with how kings, queens, knights, and princesses of the medieval times lived! This light-hearted, yet engaging program will teach students about inventions and mythological creatures of the Medieval times. Students will learn how castles were protected by giant catapults and craft their very own. Learn about mythological creatures as students choose, stuff, and name their very own medieval dragon to place in the castle they create. Students will learn about shields and family crests then work together as a team to train for the Medieval Tournament in an assortment of games that were popular during that period of time.