Creativity Blooms

Imagination will blossom! How do flowers pollenate, grow, and turn into something so beautiful? Learn about different types of flowers and what they need to grow. Students will perform a flower dissection and learn about flower parts. Paint a flowerpot, add some soiml, plant a flower, and watch it grow! Design a paper flower, create a unique flower cupcake, and create a bouquet of floral cupcake treats. Students will taste poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, edible flowers and more as they learn about health benefits and how they are used in recipes.

Southwestern Botany Buddies

The southwest is home to a variety of flowers, succulents, & cacti. Observe a variety of cacti and touch, smell, and observe a variety of desert plants then learn how southwestern Indians used them to construct structures, rain sticks and more. Take a taste of nopali, prickly pear jelly, and other traditional desert foods grown by early Southwestern Indians. Build a model saguaro to learn how desert plants store and conserve water through an interactive experiment that explores the scientific process. Students will design, decorate, & learn about a variety of succulents, then plant one in their very own pot.