Floral Edible Inventions

Students will be engaged in a variety of floral themed experiments where they will learn how candy & ice cream is made at different temperatures and have an opportunity to take a taste! Learn about different floral scents and how they are used in foods and items people use every day life. Use creativity, invention, & imagination to design a floral themed cookie, use a variety of “foods” to build a flower out of edible items, and “plant” an edible flower to take home!

Super Scientist

We’ve gone mad…science that is! Watch as crazy & colorful experiments as the world of chemistry is brought to life! We’ll transform students into junior scientists as they get into character with custom designed goggles to protect their eyes and create a super scientist name badge. Hands-on learning and experiments will teach students about various simple molecules as they build their very own. Learn about some of the most famous scientists and watch a variety of cool science experiments that get fizzy, bubble, and do super cool things with everyday house hold items and make their very own sticky slime concoction!

Robotic Invention

Bring technology, circuits, and creativity to life! Empower the next generation to have the creative confidence and curiosity to ask why! Use invention, technology and electronics as a platform for engaging creativity among students. Learn about insulators, conductors, & the basics of circuitry through a variety of engaging activities like Robot Lab, building & creating a Noodlebot, & a Rice Krispie Robot. Students will be captivated by technology as they participate in circuit challenges and other technology driven games that encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills by using electronic building blocks that empower them to invent!