Solar Chef

Harness the power of ingenuity and the sun to get cooking & creating! Junior chefs will design their apron then learn about the power of the sun and solar energy as they build a solar oven to bake and taste their solar s’mores. Catch some creative rays as students build their own sun catcher. Learn about he power of solar energy and how it is used in everyday life to power windmills and dehydrate foods. This is a tasty challenge of epic solar proportions!

Astronaut Training

Space and astronomy collides and comes alive as students learn what it takes to be an astronaut? Students will participate in astronaut training as they use skills such as dexterity, coordination, strength, balance, spatial awareness and more. Design a rocket pack, helmet, and even make your very own space food to transform into an astronaut for day! Learn about space and the planets that are a part of it, then use that knowledge to create a planet pop, then engineer and test a rocket to make a journey into the atmosphere!