Sonoran Desert Discovery

Discover the desert animals that inhabit the desert of the southwest. Students will be challenged to learn about and remember facts about nocturnal, diurnal, & crepuscular desert animals along with where they hunt and live. Students then use a variety of items that mimic materials found in the desert to build a lizard or rattlesnake shelter. Capture their attention during animal mind challenges & crafty desert animal creations as they are exposed to native dwellers of the southwest.

Flagstaff’s Forest Friends

Flagstaff is renown for its diverse terrain and the vast wilderness of the Coconino Forest, home to the largest contiguous Ponderosa pine forest in the world; home to a variety of species of animals, birds, and fish. Examine the diverse terrain of the mountains, forests where backcountry animals like black bears, mountain lions, and pronghorns reside, the create and name your very own fluffy friend. Learn about animals like the squirrel, chipmunk, and pygmy nuthatch bird, which are supported, fed and protected by the pines. Create engagement as students learn about these forest animals; build pinecone friends, stuff a furry friend, and learn about what lives in the lakes.