Candyland Creation

Team building, bonding, and creativity collide as teams create, build, & play on a life-size Candyland board through the Peppermint Forest, Lollipop Woods, Gumdrop Mountains & more! Students will learn how to make real gumdrops and lollipops, collaborate and work together in teams to create cupcake castles; then design, imagine, name, and develop your own team candy. Gather together in teams to design gumdrops, lollipops, peppermints, gingerbread men, and castles for the Candyland board then test your team luck to see how far your team can get across the board!

Medieval Madness

Travel back in time to learn how folklore began along with how kings, queens, knights, and princesses of the medieval times lived! This light-hearted, yet engaging program will teach students about inventions and mythological creatures of the Medieval times. Students will learn how castles were protected by giant catapults and craft their very own. Learn about mythological creatures as students choose, stuff, and name their very own medieval dragon to place in the castle they create. Students will learn about shields and family crests then work together as a team to train for the Medieval Tournament in an assortment of games that were popular during that period of time.

Flagstaff’s Forest Friends

Flagstaff is renown for its diverse terrain and the vast wilderness of the Coconino Forest, home to the largest contiguous Ponderosa pine forest in the world; home to a variety of species of animals, birds, and fish. Examine the diverse terrain of the mountains, forests where backcountry animals like black bears, mountain lions, and pronghorns reside, the create and name your very own fluffy friend. Learn about animals like the squirrel, chipmunk, and pygmy nuthatch bird, which are supported, fed and protected by the pines. Create engagement as students learn about these forest animals; build pinecone friends, stuff a furry friend, and learn about what lives in the lakes.

Fantastic Farm Friends

Farm Animal Fun! Students will participate in hands on, interactive activities centered on exploration, creativity, interaction, and teamwork. Students will be engaged as they learn about farm animals’ purpose to the farmer and their farm. Get up close and personal with a variety farm friends in a petting zoo! Learn about a variety of farm animals as students learn how to stuff, dress, and name a farm friend, designing animal masks and participate in a variety of farm themed game challenges.

Creativity Blooms

Imagination will blossom! How do flowers pollenate, grow, and turn into something so beautiful? Learn about different types of flowers and what they need to grow. Students will perform a flower dissection and learn about flower parts. Paint a flowerpot, add some soiml, plant a flower, and watch it grow! Design a paper flower, create a unique flower cupcake, and create a bouquet of floral cupcake treats. Students will taste poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, edible flowers and more as they learn about health benefits and how they are used in recipes.

Sonoran Desert Discovery

Discover the desert animals that inhabit the desert of the southwest. Students will be challenged to learn about and remember facts about nocturnal, diurnal, & crepuscular desert animals along with where they hunt and live. Students then use a variety of items that mimic materials found in the desert to build a lizard or rattlesnake shelter. Capture their attention during animal mind challenges & crafty desert animal creations as they are exposed to native dwellers of the southwest.

Surviving Camp Fun

If you were to build the perfect survival kit what would it include? Students will learn about the essentials one might need to survive in the forest, what elements are needed to ignite a fire, and how to engineer your own stick cabin. Captivate students as they work together as a team to use a compass, set up camp, build a shelter, search for food, and build their very own survival kit through a guided educational scavenger hunt. Create a variety of items like a canteen and other fun items you would use at your camp site.

Floral Edible Inventions

Students will be engaged in a variety of floral themed experiments where they will learn how candy & ice cream is made at different temperatures and have an opportunity to take a taste! Learn about different floral scents and how they are used in foods and items people use every day life. Use creativity, invention, & imagination to design a floral themed cookie, use a variety of “foods” to build a flower out of edible items, and “plant” an edible flower to take home!

Super Scientist

We’ve gone mad…science that is! Watch as crazy & colorful experiments as the world of chemistry is brought to life! We’ll transform students into junior scientists as they get into character with custom designed goggles to protect their eyes and create a super scientist name badge. Hands-on learning and experiments will teach students about various simple molecules as they build their very own. Learn about some of the most famous scientists and watch a variety of cool science experiments that get fizzy, bubble, and do super cool things with everyday house hold items and make their very own sticky slime concoction!

Horse & Pony Pursuit

Immerse students in the farm life of a horse and pony. Learn about the day in the life of a horses & ponies, and get up close and personal as you take a ride around the ring on a real pony! Use your imagination & ingenuity to design, build, & name your very own stick horse then participate in an array of horse themed games & relays. Use your creativity to decorate a delicious horse cookie.

Robotic Invention

Bring technology, circuits, and creativity to life! Empower the next generation to have the creative confidence and curiosity to ask why! Use invention, technology and electronics as a platform for engaging creativity among students. Learn about insulators, conductors, & the basics of circuitry through a variety of engaging activities like Robot Lab, building & creating a Noodlebot, & a Rice Krispie Robot. Students will be captivated by technology as they participate in circuit challenges and other technology driven games that encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills by using electronic building blocks that empower them to invent!

Superhero Strength

What does it take to be a Superhero? Watch as students use their imagination to envision and create their own superhero name, super hero power, and create their own cape and mask. Learn about healthy snack choices and the benefits of healthy foods and how it can impact one’s body. Use that knowledge to create a custom Superhero snack to provide strength and power to compete in the Superhero Competition.

Carnival of Creativity

What’s more fun that circus and carnival games coupled with food, entertainment, and a bit of education? Learn about the history of the circus, the games, performers and animals that make it so much fun! Taste and learn about the science behind how carnival foods like cotton candy & popcorn are made! Engineer a circus tent and a trapeze artist that does tricks. Bring the games to life by playing carnival game challenges, inventing how to make and market your own candy and stuffing your very own carnival animal.

Early Engineering

Delve into the history of Ancient Greek & Roman times as students learn about their architecture, aqueducts, and early engineering’s as it relates to engineering today. Students will take the knowledge they are presented with to create their own replicas of the Roman Coliseum and Greek Parthenon using a variety of materials. Learn about the development and role of Mosaics in the architecture of homes and public buildings; and create their own. Students will be transformed into Gladiators as they participate in a chariot engineering challenge!

Solar Chef

Harness the power of ingenuity and the sun to get cooking & creating! Junior chefs will design their apron then learn about the power of the sun and solar energy as they build a solar oven to bake and taste their solar s’mores. Catch some creative rays as students build their own sun catcher. Learn about he power of solar energy and how it is used in everyday life to power windmills and dehydrate foods. This is a tasty challenge of epic solar proportions!

Astronaut Training

Space and astronomy collides and comes alive as students learn what it takes to be an astronaut? Students will participate in astronaut training as they use skills such as dexterity, coordination, strength, balance, spatial awareness and more. Design a rocket pack, helmet, and even make your very own space food to transform into an astronaut for day! Learn about space and the planets that are a part of it, then use that knowledge to create a planet pop, then engineer and test a rocket to make a journey into the atmosphere!

Southwestern Botany Buddies

The southwest is home to a variety of flowers, succulents, & cacti. Observe a variety of cacti and touch, smell, and observe a variety of desert plants then learn how southwestern Indians used them to construct structures, rain sticks and more. Take a taste of nopali, prickly pear jelly, and other traditional desert foods grown by early Southwestern Indians. Build a model saguaro to learn how desert plants store and conserve water through an interactive experiment that explores the scientific process. Students will design, decorate, & learn about a variety of succulents, then plant one in their very own pot.

Under the Sea

Learn about the various layers of the ocean and the variety of sea creatures that call the ocean home. Explore oceanic life forms, deep-sea creatures and concoct sea slime. Engage students in a team building challenge as they race one another in a beach-themed relay race challenge. Complete the sea experience by learning about some of the largest and most popular sea animals as students stuff, name, and create a special habitat for their new sea animal.